Kashmiri Mamra Almond (Badam) Kernels

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Kashmiri almonds are not dry like other almonds; rather, they are full with oil. In contrast to their artificial counterparts, Kashmiri almonds are 100% pure.

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100% Pure
Crispy and flavourful with a surprising amount of healthy nutrients and an exotic nut. As a result of its higher sugar content compared to other types of Almonds, Mamra is often regarded as a powerful energy food. Mamra almonds, which are indigenous to the chilly, rocky plains of Kashmir’s valley, have been shown to have numerous positive health effects.
Here are a few ways in which Mamra almonds excel: Mamra almonds provide an abundance of high-quality oil. In comparison to the 25-30% oil found in regular American almonds, the Mamra among variety can have as much as 50% oil. The almond’s oil is its primary nutrient storage medium. When compared to other types of almonds, the Mamra almond has a lot more nutrients.
Mamra almonds are grown organically, or with little chemical input, and are considered the “most organic” of all almond varieties. As little manipulation as possible is done before they reach the consumer. Medicinal properties of Mamra almonds Protein, minerals, and vitamins can all be found in abundance in Mamra almonds. Benefits from a healthy blood lipid profile, lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke Diseases of the skin, blood, and lungs are all avoided as a result.

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